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Wetland Conservation Act

Renville County SWCD is the acting Local Government Unit (LGU) for the implementation and coordination of the Minnesota Statute 103A.201 Chapter 8420 Wetland Conservation Act (WCA) in Renville County. Please contact the SWCD regarding any wetland activities, or suspected wetland. Best practice is if you are not sure if a wetland will be effected, contact us to ensure no impacts will be made. 

What is a Wetland?

Wetlands are areas that are inundated or saturated by surface or ground water at a frequency and duration suffiecient to support, and that under normal circumstances do support, a prevalence of vegetation typically adapted for life in saturated soil conditions.

What is an Impact?

According to the MN Statute 8420.0111 Subpart 32 an Impact is a loss in the quantity, quality, or biological diversity of a wetland caused by draining or filling of wetlands, wholly or partially, or by excavation in the permanently and semipermanentyl flooded areas of type 3, 4, or 5 wetlands, as defined in supbart 75 and in all wetland trypes if the excavation resultis in filling, draining, or conversion to non wetland.

Activities that could cause Impact
  • Tiling
  • Drainage
  • Ditching
  • Berming
  • Filling
  • Mining 
  • Mining Reclamation
  • Excavation
  • Rip Rap Placement
  • Many More

Contact Renville SWCD if you're unsure whether your activity is impacting a wetland or not.