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How do I get into the Carbon Credit Market? 

The Renville County SWCD does not endorse carbon markets or any carbon credit company. If you are however interested, a FAQ sheet on Carbon Credits is linked below from a meeting with a Carbon Panel. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our most frequently asked questions have been answered below. If you have a different question or need additional information, please contact the Renville County SWCD at 320-523-1559.

Where can I get information on my Renville County property?

Visit the Renville County Geographic Information System (GIS) website.

Where can I find soil data?

You can access soil data by visiting the USDA’s Web Soil Survey website.

Does the Renville County SWCD sell trees?

The Renville County SWCD does not sell trees. However, the following SWCDs in surrounding counties do sell trees and can be purchased even if you live in Renville County.

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