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Below are applications or information for active cost-share programs

2021 Cover Crop Cost-Share

Cover Crops have many different benefits such as reducing erosion, suppressing weeds, reducing soil compaction, food for the micro-organisms, additional forage, and nitrogen fixing. Renville SWCD offers our technical assistance in assisting producers in making a plan that best suits their goals. 


We offer up to 75% of cost to plant cover crops(e.g. seed, labor, equipment use, seed incorporation) with a maximum payment of $2,000.00 per farmer per year. 

Reducing soil tillage has multiple benefits including reduced soil erosion, fuel use, time, and labor. Building soil organic matter. Improved soil structure and maintaining options for soil warm up and dry down in the spring months.  

We offer up to $15.00/acre to implement no-till and/or strip till (e.g. labor, equipment use) with a maximum payment of $2,000.00 per farmer per. 

2021 Reduced Tillage Cost-Share

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