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The annual reports for 2012-2016 are provided below. Annual reports were discontinued after that period.  

SWCD offices complete annual financial reports and submit them to BWSR for review and approval.  The SWCD Fiscal year is a calendar year.  Below are the financial reports.

Soil & Water Conservation Districts receive funding from several sources including the State of Minnesota through the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR).  Noncompetitive funds come in the form of Conservation Delivery and Easement Delivery annual grants.  In 2016 the district received two additional grants the Buffer Initiative Funding and Local Capacity Funding .  The Buffer report is linked below.   The SWCD is required to report on expenditures through the BWSR eLink reporting system.  Below are the most recent reports on the noncompetitive grants.

The State Cost-Share program and Disaster Relief Funds are noncompetitive active Cost-Share grant.  Previous grants have been closed out and those reports are farther down on the page.

SWCD Staff completed the BBR (Biennial Budget Request) for the past two biennium.  This information is used by BWSR to set priorities and to determine the funding needed across the state.  They will use the information to request funds for the next two budget years.  It also serves as the SWCD plan for those state Fiscal years.

The grants below have been completed and closed out.  The reports below are the final grant reports.

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